Keeping the kids clean is not an issue

Keeping the kids clean is not an issue that would be specific to Oregon. It would be a child welfare issue. If you think that she is doing something harmful tot he children, you can report to child welfare, but the possibility exist that they could be taken from the home and put into foster care. They may consider giving them to you, but that is not likely.

If you are considering making this an issue to file for custody, then I suggest you wait and record your observations. Unless the children are in immediate danger, than you need to take the time to develop a case. Otherwise you could end up spending a lot of money only to have the judge tell her to give the children a bath twice a week.

Keep a daily journal of your observations. Make note the names of others who can testify to the fact. “DON’T INTERROGATE” the kids about it. If they say something, write it down. If you start questioning them, children will begin making up things that they think a parent wants to hear. And that can backfire on you.

If you want, you can give me a call at 913-385-DADS if you would like some more suggestions.