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I agree with the guy totally

I agree with the guy totally. We pay out $500 a month for 1 child.

His clothes are to small, shoes are to small. She doesn’t pay out any daycare now. She just pockets the money. The system doesnt care what she spends the money on and its not him. She is married also so she has that income coming in too. We get taxed on it, its free and clear money for her. Does she pay taxes on it.

NO The IRS says we can’t claim our child care on our taxes because we are the non custodial parent, but she can claim day care when she has to pay it. The laws for Missouri, state she has to work so she has child care, well we have the child all summer long and we have to work too, but laws dont see it that way. We still pay her child support on top of that.

How is this right???? The system sucks for non custodial parents. THIS IS WHY THE NON CUSTODIAL PARENTS TRY TO SKIP OUT. THEY GET SCREWED ANYWAY THEY GO. I see it both ways in my household.

We pay out and I receive very little support for my child. We should be able to deduct what we pay her for child support on our taxes and she should have to claim it. The same goes with everyone else. But the system is not in favor for non custodial parents.