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I’m very new…help!

Umm, i’m not sure how to begin, but all i know is that I’m very afraid of what life has seen fit to challenge me with.

I recently found that I am now a FORMER fiancee of the mother of my year and a half old son. She will be leaving on Monday to live with family and at some point soon I will be going to a lawyer to try and draw up some type of joint custody agreement that will protect my rights as a father. We (her and I) had amicably discussed how we were to arrange things but upon agreement it takes about a day for her to change her mind about one point or another. Most recently it was regarding the primary home. initially it was agreed that it was to be split evenly, 4 days with her one week, three with me then vice versa the next.

Today she informed me that she would like him to have a home (hers) but allow me custody (effectively visitation) on weekends. This is all very mundane I’m sure, but I’m terrified due to the fact that her plans involve moving in with her online fling of 3 weeks(she’s known him online for under a month) at some point in March.I didn’t even find out that there was another man or that her and I were splitting until 4 days ago. He’ll be living in NY til then at which point they will get a place together. I get the overwhelming feeling that I am about to be replaced and alienated. I am not entirely to sure what I am going on about here.

I’m tired, depressed and terrified out of my wits. What I suppose i’m doing is looking for help in the form of father friendly lawyers resources in the Orlando area of Florida. I’ve searched online but it’s a cesspit of “get that deadbeat dad” sites or other women friendly lawyers. I want to be a part of my sons life. I am the primary (sole) income. I am according to all accounts a good father. I want him to be more than a weekend visitor in my home. I want to be more than a weekend warrior or Disneyland dad and I don’t want to alienate my son by trying to cram all my parenting in on a weekend. I am faced with being phased out despite protestations to the contrary from my former partner.


sincerely, Phillip, a terrified father of a beautiful and gentle baby boy.