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It is likely that there is little you can do

Often, a child bring to a second marriage is not taken into consideration as regards your expenses, such as child support, etc. for the first child. In Nebraska, there has even been an attempt to pass laws to make it illegal for a man to have anymore children until their financial obligations are finished to the first.

This is something you are going to have to talk to your attorney about. You might also go to the library and research your states laws on child support, and this is a child support issue, as it is related to children born to other women.

Now that said, let’s discuss your long distance visitation. Are to seeing the child on alternate weekends, or do to have a long distance visitation schedule, such as only holidays and summers?

Sharing Child Care Costs

I have a problem and I hope somebody can help me. My ex-wife and I live about 200 miles from each other. Under the terms of our divorce she is responsible for 50% of daycare expenses while the kids are with me over summer recess.

In March, my wife and I had a baby girl. Regarding the sharing of costs however, my ex refuses to take this into account when discussing possible, meaning affordable, daycare arrangements. I live in Orlando, FL and when I need cash urgently I opt for online payday loans from this company – but I don’t want to do it too often.

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Does anyone have any advice on how to handle the sharing of these costs given the current circumstances? Any help would be greatly appreciated.