Month: July 2016

File for a reduction

First off, if a portion of your child support is for Day Care, and she is no longer using day care, than file for a reduction based on a change of circumstances. Check with child support enforcement. They may be willing to do the modification for you, if you have no arrearage.

Second, it does not matter whether she is married or not, and is living off of his income, you do not want to take that into consideration, because the same thing can be done to you.

As for the laws in Missouri, they also say that if you have the child more than 30 days child support discontinues, unless they took that into account when they initially set the amount. You may be paying an averaged amount per month. You will need to look at the child support work sheet to determine if this was done. If not, than you have grounds for a reduction.

As for the tax deduction, that is another item taken into account when the work sheet is being done. Meaning that it was deducted when doing the calculations.

This is why you have to learn how the system works, and not just rely on what your attorney tells you. The child support guidelines can be obtained from child support enforcement. The laws on child support can be looked up at any library. The librarian can show you how to find something in the state statute books. Make copies and put them in your home files.

I am a board member with the National Congress for Fathers & Children. I’m in the Kansas City Area. We produce a 65,000 words manual that covers everything you will deal with until the child is an adult, including child support, custody, visitation rights, bias judges, and how to interview and hire a good attorney.

We also have board members that can be call upon if you have questions about anything in the manual you do not understand. They are throughout the country.

But, because we are dealing with legal issues and provide a manual that contains sample legal forms, and a section on how to represent yourself, membership is required by law to receive our materials. As such, there is a $75 membership fee, tax deducible. All the board members are volunteers.

If you are interested in becoming a member of NCFC, call me at 1-800-SEE-DADS, or in the Kansas City area (913) 385-DADS.

The main thing you have to learn though. Complaining will get you no where. Gaining knowledge, and using that knowledge, will. For those who ave the knowledge, have the power.